Event & Hospitality Management


Put your people and organizational skills to great use by learning from A to Z how to launch an exciting career as an Event Planner
Event management–a thriving industry
The event management business is booming.
We are in a new era where the marketing industry has grown and widened to an unprecedented level and event management is a thriving part of this sector.
Well planned and stylized events are no longer confined to the business sector.
Charities, the sporting sector, the political world, entertainment world and individuals now use events to promote and celebrate a variety of issues, occasions, and themes.
It's effectiveness in growing awareness, raising funds, celebrating achievement, promoting sales and marking personal highlights is widely accepted.

Bored with your job? Grab the opportunity for an exciting new career
Event management is a really exciting career choice now.
Setting up your own business in this area is a very achievable goal.
As you don’t need a premises, products or equipment, your set up costs would be very low.
This is a career which gives you independence, flexibility and the freedom to work to your own agenda.
It’s rewarding, fulfilling and stimulating. It allows you to develop creatively and professionally.
Do you have good organizational skills?
Are you efficient and thorough at seeing a project through?
Then you’re halfway there to being a great event manager.
On their own, though, organizational skills and efficiency aren’t enough.
There’s a significant amount of industry specific knowledge and some extra skills that are essential to have before you start planning.


Module 1: Working With Clients
  • Introduction
  • Planning and preparing for the meeting
  • First impressions and presentation
  • What does your client need?
  • What comes next? Timeframes
  • Following up
  • Event proposal
  • Contracts and agreements
Module 2: Steps For Planning An Event
  • Target your goals and audience
  • Planning the event: date and time
  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation
  • Speakers
  • Timeframes
Module 3: Invitations, Greetings And Dress Code
  • Invitations and replies
  • Greetings etiquette and handshake protocol
  • Dress code
Module 4: Table Manners And Table Settings
  • Table-seating arrangements
  • Table settings
  • Table manners
Module 5: The Event
  • Last-minute preparations
  • During the event
  • Business cards
  • Evaluating the event
  • After the event: Keeping up with your clients, partners, and guests
Module 6: What Is Event Management?
  • What is Event Management?
  • Role of the Event Manager
  • Project Management
  • Strength & Weaknesses of the event management profession (elements of SWOT)
  • Crisis Management
  • Planning Your Career
Module 7: Types Of Events
  • Introduction
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Launch Events
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Weddings
  • Religious Events
  • Photocalls
  • Exhibitions
  • Sport Events
  • Concerts
  • Political Events
  • Anniverseries
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