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Makeup For Everyday

Get your love look! Learn beauty tips for skin care and create different makeup looks for daytim...

19 Days
Party Planner

Do you wish you had a successful business planning parties? Party planning is big business n...

18 days
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

If you’ve always wanted to start a fashion or lifestyle blog, dream of a career in the fi...

20 Days

Wouldn’t you like to: Understand the financial side of your business better Get a hea...

14 Days
Business Pricing Strategies

Have you ever wanted to start a business selling a product or service? Ever stopped because you d...

15 Days
Cocktail Training & Menu Creation

How to make the best cocktails, do the right mixes and create original drinks Wouldn’t y...

20 Days
Skin Care Routines & Treatments

The beauty industry is saturated with products and brands that promise wrinkle-free, poreless ski...

22 Days
A Masterclass in Foodology

In this module, you began to learn the basics of food service, client service, and taking care of...

25 Days
Event Design & Styling

Unleash your artistic expression! vogue elegant events! If you've got a natural aptitude for...

18 Days

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Real-life information
“I finished my Hospitality courses and I would like to express my satisfaction with the information provided in      the Course. It was easy to understand and very practical .”
Fadi M. - Lebanon
Friendly Customer Support
“ The Consultant is really helping me to learn how to teach Photography to others and is really easy to follow! ”
Nadine O. - Qatar
Clear and Logical Progression
“ The course was very thorough and professional. I really took it seriously and was able to complete the 6 week courses in 3 weeks But I have worked in education for 30 years and was quite familiar with the material in the courses. Take it seriously and take notes As you go through each section.”
George A. - Nigeria
Easy to Use
“ Great beginner to intermediate course in sign language. I have been learning ALS for years and it really Helped me communicate with deaf people I know and understand their culture better. Thanks!.”
Farah M. - UAE
Industry Experts
“Course modules are very informative I am currently taking a Special Needs course (I work as a Sub in my local school district for SEN students) I learned so much more than I would from just working with the students. I know how to approach them and teach them better.”
Ahmed D - Iraq
Affordable and Accessible
“ I loved that I was able to go at my own pace. The details of the lessons were properly broken down and easy To understand so that also made the learning process a bit easier.”
Carol S. - Lebanon

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