Contouring And Highlighting Expert


Learn the latest tips and techniques and create a perfect face by highlighting and contouring.

Highlighting and contouring aren’t just fancy techniques used by celebrities and professional makeup artists – they’re an absolute MUST for any makeup fan.
Contouring will sculpt, slim and define your face, so you can get the look you want without having to permanently alter your features.
Whereas highlighting brings out your best features by drawing attention to them using light. Who needs plastic surgery when you can get the same effect using contouring makeup?
You can play with application, products, and shapes to achieve various looks – from soft and natural to dramatic evening makeup.
Using a mix of lessons and video tutorials, we’ll show you the latest tips and techniques for creating a flawless face for yourself or your clients!


Module 1: Preparing The Skin
  • Introduction to skin
  • Identifying skin types – Dry, Oily, Combination, etc.
  • Choosing products
  • Understanding the color wheel
  • Color correcting
  • Using concealer
  • Matching foundations for every skin tone and ethnicity
  • Identifying face shapes
Module 2: Highlighting With Cream
  • Benefits of using creams
  • Cream vs. Powder highlighter
  • Creating a map for symmetry
  • Measuring facial zones
  • Choosing tools for cream highlighters
  • Choosing cream products
  • Color choices for all skin tones
  • Applying cream highlighter
Module 3: Contouring With Cream
  • Benefits of using creams for contouring
  • Pros and cons of cream contours
  • Choosing contouring products
  • Color choices for all skin tones
  • Using a facial map for contouring
  • Where to place contouring
  • Applying cream contouring
Module 4: Contouring With Powder
  • Benefits of using powders
  • Powder types
  • Pros and cons to powders
  • Setting with powder
  • Choosing tools for powder contouring
  • Applying powder contouring
Module 5: Highlighting With Powder
  • Benefits of using powder highlighters
  • Setting with powder highlighter
  • Discover the power of reflection
  • Types of powder highlighters
  • Choosing tools for powder highlighting
  • Color choices for all skin tones
  • Applying powder highlighters
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