Furniture Restoration


Know the techniques to show trash into valued treasures by restoring previous article of furniture for your home to stamp your temperament on every space.

Do you have old furniture that has developed cracks or stains over the years, having lost its original appeal?
Perhaps you don’t know what to do with the old family heirloom pieces collecting dust, but you can’t bring yourself to part with furniture pieces that hold meaning.
It’s also possible that you find yourself drawn to tag sales and flea markets, looking for cost-friendly décor items, but know that these antique finds could use some updating.
If you’ve always wondered how to turn your furniture “trash” into valued “treasures,” this course is for you!
In this furniture restoration course you will learn the basic principles and techniques for restoring multiple types of materials and creating do-it-yourself décor you can be proud of.
You will learn what makes antiques unique to their time periods and how to keep the integrity of historical pieces of furniture while updating them in a way that suits your aesthetic.
Throughout these course modules in furniture restoration, you will quickly become familiarized with developing the talent of looking at something old and making it feel new again.
Whether it’s with wood, fabric, metal, or other materials, you will be provided guidance and step-by-step procedures in creating beautiful pieces for your home.
If you’ve always wondered how to create beautiful and cost-friendly pieces of furniture that represent you and complement the look and feel of your home, sign up for our class today!
Learn the ins and outs of furniture restoration and become your own personal designer, remodeler, and stylist in no time!


Module 1: Principles of Furniture Restoration
  • What is furniture restoration?
  • History of furniture restoration
  • Why restore furniture?
  • Antique versus modern restorations
Module 2: Getting Started
  • Choosing a piece to restore
  • Deciding on a concept or theme
  • Finding the right supplies
  • Taking safety precautions
Module 3: Working With Types of Wood
  • Sanding and stripping the wood
  • Repairing cracks or scratches
  • Painting techniques
  • Staining, polishing, waxing and other finishing steps
  • DIY project: Dresser restoration
Module 4: How to Update Upholstery
  • Types of upholstery to restore
  • Choosing fabrics to suit your décor
  • Removing the old upholstery
  • Cutting, sewing, and working with fabrics and foam
  • DIY project: remodeled dining chairs
Module 5: Other Restoration Projects
  • Refinishing metals
  • Updating lighting fixtures
  • Working with mirror and glass pieces
  • Restoring clocks and novelty pieces
  • DIY project: old trunk or suitcase coffee table
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