Extensions & Hair Styling


Make people look a million dollars by learning the techniques to care for the hair, create amazing new hairstyles and extensions.

We now live in a world where our picture is an essential part of everyone’s brand.
It’s absolutely vital that all aspects of outward appearance are styled and groomed to perfection.
Hair styling is one of the most important elements of the overall image.
Hair styling is an exciting, creative and glamorous career or a valuable addition to many professions like personal shopper or photo consultant.
Based in the fast moving, bustling world of image and fashion, it is satisfying and very rewarding.
Our course is written by a top stylist who has many years’ experience in all areas of hair styling.
You’ll receive in-depth understanding on the necessary of caring for the different types of hair and see how to work creatively with styling.
As up styling and extensions have become such a huge part of the hair styling service, we devote one module each to giving you an excellent education on each of these valuable skills.
Is your head in a spin thinking of all the exciting places this could lead you?!
Don’t delay, this is a skill you can take anywhere in the world and build a really promising future. Enroll today!


Module 1: A Close Look At Hair
  • The structure of hair
  • The scalp
  • The history of hair
  • Different types of hair
Module 2: How to Treat Hair
  • Hair products
  • Hair and scalp analysis
  • Avoiding mistakes and damage
Module 3: Hair Color and Hair Shape
  • Which shades enhance which skin type & which colors don’t work.
  • Which shape/style of hair suits which face shape
Module 4: How to Wash Hair Professionally
  • The benefits of scalp massage
  • Conditioner
  • Hair treatments
  • Expert tips
  • How to professionally wash hair - video tutorial
Module 5: Tools
  • Blow drying equipment
  • Different types of tools
Module 6: Styling
  • How to add volume - video tutorial
  • Creating curls with rollers - video tutorial
  • Enhancing curls with a diffuser - video tutorial
  • How to straighten hair - video tutorial
  • Sculpting hair with finger technique and wax - video tutorial
Module 7: Men's Hair
  • Is men’s hair different?
  • Applying Gel - video tutorial
  • Applying Wax - video tutorial
Module 8: Up styling
  • Brief history of up styling
  • Essential tools for up styling
  • Preparation of hair for up styling and braiding
  • Selection of up styles
  • Techniques for creating up styles
  • Fillers and hairpieces
  • Up styles, step by step
Module 9: Extensions
  • Practical application of extensions
  • Removable or Clip Extensions
  • Keratin Extensions
  • Micro Ring Extensions
Module 10: Hairstyles
  • Short pixie cut
  • Short structured style
  • Androgynous style
  • Shoulder length hair, no fringe
  • Round bob with feathery contours and side parting
  • Long hair, layered or without layers.
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