Diet Management


Before spending money on the latest fad diet, take this course to find how to eat and drink your way to natural beauty.

Eat your way to natural beauty
When you consider it, it’s truly quite straightforward. Your body is associate degree scheme - an ingeniously designed assortment of billions of cells doing the multitude of functions it takes to stay you living and thriving. As everything is connected, it makes sense that everything you put in your body affects the whole of you.
The food and drinks you consume affect:
  • your physical health
  • your mood
  • your energy and vitality, and, more visibly,
  • your outer appearance.
Glowing skin, glistening hair and glossy nails - the healthy, natural way
What’s wonderful about this is that you can have a profound influence on your natural beauty – more powerful than any manufacturer of products.
In this course, we’ll teach you the inside secrets to healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails – naturally.
As well as learning the foundations of a nourishing, a health promoting eating regime, we’ll answer many important questions, like:
What can help brighten my skin?
How much Omega 3 do I need?
Can I reduce the effects of ageing with what I consume?
How can I change my diet to deal with dry, scaly skin?
What foods help my hair to be glossy?
What should I include in my diet every day?
Why should I include supplements? Which ones?
Yes, you are worth it!
All the cells in your body are replaced with new ones continually.
Feed them the stuff of vibrant health and glowing beauty!
This course is the best beauty product you could invest in.
Start using it today!


Module 1: Introduction To Inner Health & Outer Beauty
  • General tips on developing dietary habits that
  • keep you feeling healthy and looking beautiful Protein, carbohydrate, fat
  • Vitamins and minerals
Module 2: Can Fat Be Good For You?
  • Oils, fats, Omegas – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Nuts, seeds, pulses, seaweed
  • Grains and gluten
Module 3: Bright And Beatiful Veggies For A Bright And Beautiful You
  • Anti oxidants
  • Raw food
  • Juicing and smoothies
  • Vegetarian, vegan, & meat diets
Module 4: Foundations For A Beautiful Diet Why Organic?
  • Hydration
  • Snacks – how to have a little of what you love and stay healthy
  • Daily essentials
Module 5: What’s In There? Minute Ingredients With Surprisingly Powerful Effects
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, yoghurt
  • Supplementation
  • Immune boosting foods
  • Nutrient dense foods
Module 6: Diet And Detox
  • What to avoid?
  • Top 5 diet tips
  • Sugar
  • Detoxing
  • Why colours are great for you?
  • Weight management – most popular diets
  • Foods that increase your metabolism
  • When and how to eat?
Module 7: How To Eat Yourself Beautiful
  • Skin and nutrition it needs
  • How to correct problem skin with diet and supplementation
  • Nutrition for hair and nails
Module 8: Wow! Food Can Do All This?
  • Top 10 most powerful foods
  • Foods and drinks that help or prevent sleep
  • Best food to help fight colds and flu
  • 10 tips for a great lifelong skin policy
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